Our Team

Helping the climate by helping people

Energy Savers Network flourishes because of our team of staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners. The support that we have received from our community has been inspirational, and our team continues to grow. We are so thankful to the many people who have helped to make Energy Savers Network a reality.


Executive Director Brad Rouse, Program Director Pearson King, Development Director Alice Wyndham, and homeowner Maria stand in front of Maria's house after a volunteer workday.



Brad Rouse, Executive DirectorBrad Rouse, Executive Director

Brad co-founded Energy Savers Network after years of experience in energy efficiency and energy planning. As Senior VP of Energy Management Associates in the 80s and 90s, he led the development and application of tools that help utility companies create long-term, least-cost plans that included energy efficiency options. He has worked with over 100 utilities on these issues, including Duke Energy, Virginia Power, Georgia Power, Florida Power & Light, and others. After a period of building a successful financial planning practice, Brad became extremely concerned that the United States was not doing enough to meet the climate change challenge, and in 2012, he sold his financial practice to focus 100% of his time to working on climate change solutions. Brad became active in low-income energy efficiency through the Green Team at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Hayesville, NC. The group helped increase the energy efficiency of over 100 low-income households, winning the 2015 Interfaith Power & Light Cool Congregations Award. His work with the Green Team helped shape Energy Savers Network which he co-founded as an extension and expansion on his work in Hayesville. In addition to working with Energy Savers Network, Brad is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, serves as a Congressional Liaison for Asheville Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and is on the Leadership Council of NC Interfaith Power & Light. He also works actively with Asheville’s new Energy Innovation Task Force, co-chairing two subgroups of this collaboration between City of Asheville, Buncombe County, and Duke Energy. Brad and his wife Karen have been married for 40 years and have two sons. He is an avid fan of Bruce Springsteen and a lover of the beach.

 Alice Wyndham, Development DirectorAlice Wyndham, Development Director

Before co-founding Energy Savers Network, Alice came from a career in public health where she worked as a nurse-midwife. For many years she worked in women’s health at a rural health clinic in Bamberg, SC, and at the nation’s oldest migrant health center, Blue Ridge Community Health Services, in Hendersonville, NC. Alice has dedicated her life to working with people of low-income, and her passion for public health extends to the health of our environment. Her own sense of urgency about climate change and understand of how it affects our most vulnerable communities brought her to working in the environmental field. After meeting Brad in 2015, Alice worked to lay the groundwork for what ultimately became Energy Savers Network. Her commitment to constantly growing the network of volunteers and her dedication to environmental justice have been instrumental to the success of Energy Savers Network. As co-founder and Development Director, Alice has never met a challenge that she could not face, and her work ethic helps to support the many people who look to her as a leader and mentor. Working with people of low income to improve their homes, lower their energy bills, and improve the health and safety of their homes have joined together her passions for helping the environment and helping people. Alice enjoys yearly visits to the Netherlands with her husband Wilant. When at home, she spends time working in her garden and is also an active member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Yulia Shaffer, Volunteer Coordinator

Yulia Shaffer, the volunteer coordinator for ESN, is the newest member of Energy Savers Network and the first officially paid employee. She started to volunteer with ESN in January 2017 and since then ESN became her second family. Her hope is to build a strong resilient community in Western North Carolina through creating a dedicated team of volunteers and by spreading the awareness about the environmental issues.  Yulia is also a graduate student at the Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville, NC pursuing her degree in Masters of Sustainability Science. Yulia is working on her CAPStone project in conjunction with ESN, her goal is to create the most Effective Volunteer Management Strategy that will fit the ESN scheme. Originally Yulia is from Baku, Azerbaijan. During her life in oil-driven economy of Azerbaijan she got to witness a lot of environmental and socioeconomic injustice. After moving to the United Sates in 2008, she realized that she doesn’t have to be passive about these issues. The last course during her undergraduate years at the University of Arkansas, Biology of Global Change, convinced her that Sustainability science is the path she should pursue. She believes that every little action matters. It doesn’t matter how we choose to combat all the environmental problems associated with human activities, as long as we do something. She knows that environmental issues are interconnected with socioeconomic justice and this is exactly what ESN is about – bridging the gap between the two.  As she continues to embark on this path, her hope for the brighter future for all living entities including the mother Earth is steadily growing one house at a time.

  Beatrice Nathan, Administrative and Social Media Director

Before throwing herself full time into climate advocacy Beatrice was a visual artist and a stay at home mom. After educating herself about the climate crisis and about poverty in Buncombe County she became highly motivated to make changes in our community. When she met Brad in early 2017 she was excited to work with Energy Savers Network. She has a passion for waste reduction and enjoys teaching these skills to others. She has been working hard to keep our volunteers up to date and reach out to new clients. She is also bringing the “Cool Communities” campaign to Asheville. This will make many more educational tools available to volunteers and clients. In her spare time she is transforming her yard into a edible garden.

 Catherine Rosfjord, Treasurer

Catherine Rosfjord volunteers as Energy Saver’s Network treasurer and assists with writing grants and obtaining funding. Catherine works for the NC Department of Health and Human Services where she manages an EPA grant for Radon and UV Radiation programs. Catherine also has two children but in her free time she is committed to helping ESN fight climate change which she views as the most critical issue facing the planet. She is particularly drawn to ESN because of the interface with local housing issues, poverty and global climate change. She appreciates the immediate and tangible ways ESN helps people in our community while also doing the important, but more obscure, work of reducing global carbon levels.