Become an Energy Saver

Helping the climate by helping people

Join Our Crew

Become a part of the Team!!  Energy Savers Network brings energy saving devices and repairs to limited-income homes in Buncombe County.

What to expect on a workday:

Meet up with crew at or on the way to the client’s home

Meet and engage client

Common jobs include:

Changing lightbulbs

Insulating light switch and outlet plates

Wrapping water heater and pipes

Installing custom storm windows

More skilled work:

Light carpentry

Weather sealing and caulking

replacing broken window panes

patching holes in the ceiling or floor

wrapping heat duct pipes

Team leaders are responsible for the tools and supplies used on a workday, but if you have your own, you can bring them.  As you become more skilled, we hope you will become a team leader.

The most important thing about any workday is to be respectful of those differences and to come to the day with a “servant heart” and not to display judgment or surprise about the living conditions you may find.  And remember, the home we visit is the home someone lives in, so take care!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Sign up for our crew-member email list to receive invitations to volunteer workdays and other opportunities to lend a helping hand. We have multiple weekly workdays available that will fit anyone’s schedule!